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For Patients With Acromegaly

Sandostatin LAR Depot (octreotide acetate for injectable suspension)

Support designed for patients and caregivers

  • Insurance and Medicare education to help you understand the insurance process
  • Financial assistance for eligible patients*
  • Patient Navigators who provided 1-on-1 support specific to your Novartis medicine(s)*
  • Information about independent organizations that can assist you with your day-to-day needs beyond medical care
  • Patient Support Counselors who are able to provide information in over 160 languages


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Our Patient Assistance Now Oncology (PANO) program was created to assist you with accessing your Novartis medicine(s)—from insurance verification to financial assistance—all through a knowledgeable and supportive call center.

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Mobile Administration Program:

Important Things to Know About the Mobile Administration Program


  • MAP does not replace your doctor's care; you should still go to your regular doctor for check ups. MAP allows you to receive your injections at a time and location convenient for you
  • If you are new to Sandostatin LAR Depot, your first dose must be received in your doctor's office

What The Mobile Administration Program Offers


  • Receive Sandostatin (octreotide acetate) injections at convenient locations. When you're dealing with acromegaly, this program offers a convenient administration option
  • Your Sandostatin, your schedule. Nurses are available outside traditional office hours, including weekends and evenings or even when you are traveling out of town
  • Receive Sandostatin injections from a trained professional. The MAP nurse will let your doctor know you have received your medicine (or injection). You will receive your Sandostatin injections in a location convenient to you

How the Mobile Administration Program Works


Just 4 Simple Steps to Receive Your Injections at Home

  1. Your doctor recommends you for the program and submits your enrollment form.
  2. Your eligibility is verified.
  3. You will receive a call to schedule your next injection at your convenience.
  4. MAP nurse who is specially trained in the mixing and administration of Sandostatin LAR Depot meets you at a convenient time and place and gives the injection, makes the next appointment, following up with a reminder, and notifies your doctor that you received your injection.

Mobile Administration Program Eligibility

MAP is available to all eligible patients for whom Sandostatin LAR Depot has been prescribed for an FDA-approved indication.

  • Residents of all states except Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Rhode Island can participate
  • MAP is available to eligible patients covered by most commercial plans (HMO, PPO, etc.) generally available to patients with commercial insurance
  • The Program is not available for patients insured by Medicare, Medicaid or other federal or state programs
  • Print the enrollment form and discuss with your doctor if you're a candidate for MAP

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Administration Program For Eligible Patients

The Mobile Administration Program (MAP) is generally available to commercially insured patients for whom Sandostatin LAR has been prescribed for an FDA-approved indication. The Program is not available for residents of Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, or Rhode Island.

Through MAP, a nurse will administer your Sandostatin LAR Depot injections at a time and location convenient for you:

  • You can be confident that you will receive the right dose, at the right time
  • You have the comfort of knowing that a MAP nurse who specially trained in the mixing and administration of Sandostatin LAR Depot will come to your home or office to administer Sandostatin LAR Depot
  • The Program nurse (or MAP nurse) will let your doctor know that you received your injection
  • The MAP nurse will make the next appointment and follow up with a reminder

This program lets you receive therapy beyond the traditional office hours if you prefer. Evenings and weekends may be possible too, even when you are traveling out of town.

A MAP nurse who is trained in the mixing and administration of Sandostatin LAR Depot is selected to administer your Sandostatin LAR Depot injections. All the nurses in the program have been fully instructed and evaluated in their knowledge of the prescribing information for Sandostatin LAR Depot, and the mixing and injection process. All nurses in the program are continuously monitored by Nurse Coordinators and are in regular contact with your prescribing doctor.

You can continue to get your prescription for Sandostatin LAR Depot in the way you normally do. Insurance coverage for the drug is independent of coverage eligibility for home injections. Depending on your prescription coverage, the drug may be shipped to your home or local pharmacy for pickup. These details can easily be worked out with a case coordinator, and you can tell the coordinator what is most suitable for you.

NOTE: Sandostatin LAR Depot must be refrigerated immediately upon receipt and until use.

Yes. Office visits and biochemical testing will still occur at appropriate intervals as determined by your doctor.

The MAP program is for the administration of Sandostatin LAR Depot only and does not take the place of regularly scheduled visits with your doctor.

No. The enrollment form, which you can download here, will be filled out at the doctor's office, signed by you, and sent to the company that administers the program. After this, most of the communication takes place by phone. The nurse coordinator calls you to schedule your injection appointment.