How to Take Treatment

Sandostatin LAR Depot

Your Guide to Taking Sandostatin LAR Depot

Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) comes in 2 different formulations: Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) Immediate-Release Injection and Sandostatin® LAR Depot (octreotide acetate) for injectable suspension.

  • Both formulations contain the same active ingredient, octreotide acetate. The difference between them is how often a patient receives treatment, what type of injection he or she is given, and who gives it (self-injected vs doctor administered)
  • If your doctor has prescribed Sandostatin for the first time, you will start treatment on Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection
  • Your doctor will identify if Sandostatin LAR Depot is right for you based on your response after 2 weeks of treatment with Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection

Here’s What to Expect While Taking Sandostatin Therapy:

For the first 2 weeks

You will give yourself daily injections of immediate-release Sandostatin Injection 2 to 4 times a day.

During the first  month

After you have received your first Sandostatin LAR Depot injection, your health care provider will ask you to continue taking daily injections of immediate-release Sandostatin for 2 more weeks—just to make sure you have good control of your severe diarrhea and flushing while the Sandostatin LAR Depot starts working and to watch for any side effects.

After 2 months

Your health care provider will check on your progress to see if the dose should be adjusted. Remember to talk about any symptoms you’re having. Try to be as accurate as possible so you can get the right dose.

Sandostatin Injection:

Immediate-release formulation

Sandostatin LAR Depot:

Long-acting formulation

Administered 2 to 4 times per day during the first 2 weeks of therapy, as an injection under the skin of the thigh, upper arm, or abdomen


Given by self-injection

Administered once every 4 weeks as an injection into the muscle tissue of the buttocks


Administered by a trained health care provider


You may be given supplemental Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection (at the dose you were receiving previously) if you experience symptom flare-ups while on Sandostatin LAR Depot

Sandostatin LAR Depot: Symptom Management, Administration, and Patient Education

Watch Nurse Elizabeth Cruz review important information about Sandostatin LAR Depot.

You are encouraged to report any side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or call 1-800-FDA-1088.