Understanding Treatment

Sandostatin LAR Depot

A Treatment for the Severe Diarrhea and Flushing of Carcinoid Syndrome

Once you have been diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome, your doctor will recommend a treatment, such as Sandostatin® LAR Depot (octreotide acetate) for injectable suspension to help manage your severe diarrhea and flushing. Sandostatin LAR Depot is a prescription medicine for the long-term treatment of the severe diarrhea and flushing associated with metastatic carcinoid tumors. The effect of Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) Immediate-Release Injection and Sandostatin LAR Depot on tumor size, rate of growth and development of metastases has not been determined.

Some facts about Sandostatin

  • The active ingredient in Sandostatin, called octreotide acetate, works by blocking the production of a number of hormones that can lead to symptoms, such as severe diarrhea and flushing, associated with carcinoid syndrome
  • Over 1 million patient-years of treatment experience*
  • It is the first FDA-approved somatostatin medication for severe diarrhea and flushing associated with carcinoid syndrome*

Treating patients for over 30 years*

*Includes Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) Immediate-Release Injection and Sandostatin® LAR Depot (octreotide acetate) for injectable suspension for all approved indications.

How Sandostatin Works

Sandostatin works directly at the site of metastatic carcinoid tumors to help decrease the production of hormones that lead to the severe diarrhea and flushing associated with carcinoid syndrome.

Two Different Formulations

Sandostatin is available in 2 formulations, which are administered differently:

  1. Sandostatin® (octreotide acetate) Immediate-Release Injection, which you self-inject 2 to 4 times per day under the skin of the thigh, upper arm, or abdomen.

  2. Sandostatin® LAR Depot (octreotide acetate) for injectable suspension, which your health care provider administers once every 28 days by injecting it into the buttocks.

Your doctor will decide if Sandostatin LAR Depot is right for you based on how your body responds to Sandostatin Immediate-Release Injection.

Therapy With Sandostatin LAR Depot

When you begin treatment with Sandostatin LAR Depot, dosed once every 4 weeks, your treatment plan will progress in one of two ways.

If your doctor has prescribed Sandostatin LAR Depot for the first time, you will start treatment on the daily injection form of the drug. For the first 2 weeks, you will give yourself daily injections of immediate-release Sandostatin Injection. These subcutaneous (under the skin) injections are repeated 2 to 4 times a day.

There are 2 reasons why it is important to begin your therapy with daily injections:

  • Your doctor can observe how well immediate-release Sandostatin Injection is working at the starting dose
  • It helps to determine if you are experiencing any side effects

Switching to a Treatment Given Once Every 4 Weeks

Once your doctor has seen how you are responding to and tolerating immediate-release Sandostatin Injection, you most likely will be switched to a Sandostatin LAR Depot dose given once every 4 weeks.

After the first monthly injection, you will continue taking daily injections for 2 more weeks—just to make sure you have good symptom control while the Sandostatin LAR Depot starts working.

After 2 months on Sandostatin LAR Depot, your doctor will assess your progress to see if the dosage should be adjusted. Remember to always report any symptoms as accurately as possible so your doctor can help determine the best dosage for you.